Also released was a DVD-A version with surround sound and music videos for "Pts.Of.Athrty", "Frgt/10", and "Kyur4 Th Ich". Reanimation is a remix album by the rock band Linkin Park, released after and based upon their first album, Hybrid Theory. Linkin Park have teamed up with 100 gecs to share the first in a series of Hybrid Theory 20th anniversary remakes. The remix album was produced by Mike Shinoda and mixed by Mark "Spike" Stent. The iTunes release, in addition to "Buy Myself", also included live recordings of "One Step Closer" and "My December", originally released as b-sides for "Faint" and "Somewhere I Belong" respectively. No description. Linkin Park have opened the remix-project door in a calculating but earnest effort to establish their underground hip-hop art cred: Reanimation is basically the Pro Tools era's answer to G N'R Lies. Vltg3" (a night in the life of a man), "[Riff Raff]" (the girl in bed), "Wth>You" (very quick montage of Mugshots of people in sync with the song), "Ppr:Kut" (shots of people's reactions to an unexpected loud noise while listening to music; Joe Hahn made a cameo appearance in this video), "Rnw@y" (a woman with a Mohawk in town, running in each chorus of the song), My