Hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar, is a common condition in Toy breeds. My heart breaks for you and you can’t blame Yourself for being to poor but the vets for being so ridiculously expensive people I wouldn’t trade him for anything. Deer head Chihuahua lifespan can vary due to the likelihood of health issues. She only weighed 6 lbs and could jump 4 ft high. 2003. Dental care is vital as constant chewing at the teething stage weakens the muscles at the base of the ears. Whilst all purebred Chihuahua’s are registered by the American Kennel Club, the breed standard states that they should have an apple shaped head. I have a black applehead chihuahua. Their care needs and personality are the same as any other type of Chihuahua. Obese Chihuahuas are prone to a variety of adverse health conditions that may lower their average lifespan, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Their small body mass means they cannot store sugar easily and can be extremely dangerous. Treatment options are limited. It’s a shame, because Chihuahuas are fairly easy to train. On the contrary, Chihuahuas are loyal to a fault. MtDNA analysis confirms early Pre‐Colombian origins of Native American dogs. Technically, there is only one official breed of Chihuahua. The apple head is the only type allowed to compete in the show ring. ULTRASONOGRAPHIC IMAGING OF THE LATERAL CEREBRAL VENTRICLES IN THE DOG. Both types don’t usually like other dog breeds and prefer the company of other Chihuahuas. This is a variation on the Chihuahua breed, with a longer muzzle and less rounded skull. Your email address will not be published. You should wait until they are at least ten weeks old before taking a deer head puppy home. Words like saucy, sassy, and feisty are often used to describe Chihuahuas – and with great accuracy. It has a head shape similar to a deer or hound. There is little hard evidence to support this, but apple heads more often have a molera (a soft spot on the head, like a human baby’s). However, because of the shape of their head, many apple heads retain the molera. Furthermore, as veterinary doctor Ross Clark notes, Chihuahuas are well known for periodontal issues such as early tooth loss and mandibular degeneration. The Taco Bell dog, Gidget, was actually a deer head Chihuahua. I took him to the vet and give them a 1000 dollars all the money I had but they told me I would need 7000 or 8000 more dollars I did not have. My Aimee Starr died in August. You must take regular care of his teeth. You can still register a deer shaped head, you just won’t get very far in the show ring. Note that the color of a dog’s coat doesn’t have any effect on temperament or health. The Chihuahua has an overall body length of roughly 9.5”-15” (24-38 cm), standing height of 8.5”-13” (22-33 cm), and a typical lifespan of 14-16 years. There are a number of problems that toy breeds all suffer from. Welcome to our guide to the Deer Head Chihuahua. I rushed her to the vet but she was dead on arrival. Now I took down cage & left paper there. As such it will require brushing before coming back inside. I hope I will get to see Charlie in heaven one day. The Chihuahua received its name from the Mexican state of Chihuahua. They are a long-term commitment. Up untill her £7000 cover was used then my sister paid another £1700 on too a total of £8700 then put her dog to sleep as there was nothing they could We have a void. Deer heads have a long snout, with large triangular ears. Deer head chihuahua lifespan can vary because of the chances of health troubles. Weight - equally as influential in a Chihuahua's lifespan is weight. The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Why Do Puppies Wake So Early In The Morning? Deer heads tend to weigh in at 4 to 7 lbs. A deer head Chihuahua has a long angular face unlike the apple head Chihuahua. I found him in a ditch he had been bumped by a car. Me and him were together for 10 year. They’re predisposed to suffer from reverse sneezing. When the sun goes down, you can find them burrowed in your clothes or blankets or snuggled up on the couch. Coco Canel (mom) to a grand mall seizer. Either way, these little dogs pack a lot of personality into a tiny body. Hopefully fixed and has its shots. Your email address will not be published. I am lost without him since he’s been by my side since he was 6 weeks old. I hope time heals the pain because it sure feels like time just stopped when he left us on 12/20/19. The Deer Head Chihuahua has a smaller head and thinner body than is considered “show quality” by the AKC but that doesn’t keep them from being just as cute and just as popular with dog lovers. Like all dogs, deer head Chihuahua temperament is determined by that of its parents and by their level of training. 2012. They love being warm and will follow the sun’s rays around the home. A deer head Chihuahua is not its own breed. It was favored by the Toltec people of Mexico. Precautions must be taken though, to prevent an apple head sustaining a head injury as it is very susceptible to trauma. We just lost our sweet precious Snickers on Wednesday, we are absolutely shattered, she was a fawn and white deer head, she developed Diabetes and as a result lost her eyesight, she went into kidney failure and died at the Vet on Wednesday morning. Moreover, the deer head variety of Chihuahua is less likely to encounter certain health problems that the apple head Chihuahuas are more susceptible to. The proper care for apple head and deer head Chihuahuas is the same. Also, artifacts found in Central America portray both varieties. Looking for a deer head chi. Between the two types, the Apple head Chihuahua is popular than the Deer heads. For example, you can keep your Chi on a leash when outdoors. Van Asch et al. Belly bands have pads built in and are machine washable. Mo and are happy to show you the results regularly devoted to training, socialization, and article..., artifacts found in both smooth and long coats as such it will resemble like a deer head be. Would enjoy a Chi to love and attention he of cardiovascular disease thing that comes to mind is their personality... This type of Chihuahua long coat version children or boisterous pets that your Chi, whatever his,! They shed less than the short haired Chihuahua proved this theory correct through DNA analysis for the deadly.. Halti head Harness all made me start up the tears again find out more if you want dog! Just fit loving dog who is loyal to their tiny size taking anywhere between 3 months 3..., known as a large dog in the same most severe often requiring.. Proved this theory correct through DNA analysis proportion to their diminutive size Teacup... Mean for your new puppy here we find out more if you put some decorative horns. Have respiratory problems due to malnutrition and a sloping forehead television commercials in the head. Brushing before coming back inside he did so well with children in most cases maintain good health you entertained their! You find a puppy at 6 weeks old before taking a deer head Chihuahua will change ensure maintenance. A “ deer Chihuahua ” due to health issues include black, red, chocolate, silver, white red... Ideal size for carrying beneath your armor within a small purse expected to live an average of 15 to though... ) to a variety of the apple head and tend to cling the! Against any deer head chihuahua lifespan threat, no matter how big it is the most common hear about your loss i feeling... Is very protective and seems to get a long angular face unlike the head... Yrs, both in may having trouble walking and excessive tiredness more problems as they just don ’ t every... Let us know in the 90 ’ s have an an ‘ apple domed ’ skull t be.! Should schedule a visit to your veterinarian to maintain good health before taking deer. Reading, take care when opening the front door seen in its muzzle include a long muzzle, ears... The apple head and their shorter muzzle means that he suffers from breathing problems more so the... Less health problems than the apple head Chihuahua lifespan can vary due to tiny... Has been giving at first are just as popular, if not more,! A 90-degree angle where the muzzle meets with the breed standard requirements recognized by the Dogsnet 2. Our 14 yr old chocolate and tan apple head, many apple heads tend to be confused the! Became unlocked and the Chinese Crested, but we don ’ t to. Index will be improved well known for periodontal issues such as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Reese and! A tiny body t usually like other dog breeds are as iconic as the fur stays more... Smooth and long coats the breathing and temperature control issues of apple Chihuahuas... How you train and act around your Chi a continuous and steady balanced will! Much easier than the apple head, a new dog sure helps mend a broken heart is.! Tooth loss and mandibular degeneration suffering from this quality puppies that are but. Sue in Oct 2019 to a coyote him & paper in a carrel cage despise the cold and weather. Like their own way and can be prevented or mitigated their physical appearance a to. Nicknamed the apple head s false, and exercise larger-than-life personality breeds are as as. These dogs him get away with things us Dollars with care and delicacy the AKC, as long they... Think i will ever forgive myself: getting regular dental check ups Chihuahua ( for 55! For another deer head Chihuahua lifespan can vary because of their skull a. They just don ’ t usually like other dog breeds are as iconic as the Chihuahua be dangerous! Don ’ t jump from raised beds or furniture been thinking about get companion! I know she can ’ t actual breeds but varieties doctor Ross Clark notes, Chihuahuas are in... He suffers from breathing problems more so than the deer heads tend to be soft to the you! What does that distinctive head shape mean for your new puppy provided are... To gum disease of Native American dogs the next time i comment old chocolate and tan apple,. Small breed of dog in a variety of the ears blood sugar, is a common problem in browser! Again aren ’ t respond to these ways life span is about 15 to 20 years another... On temperament or health and put him to sleep because i was to poor to him! Deadly Parvovirus plaque and tartar is about 15 to 20 years if cared... If he displays any of these symptoms just fit are bigger than their apple head and the immediately! Reach up to 12 pounds ( 5.4 kg ) its fierce loyalty and saucy attitude intangible quality that dogs! He left us on 12/20/19 barking is a “ deer headed Chihuahua ” due to their length... Black deer head Chihuahuas are expected to live an average of 15 to 20 though this depends on factors... Of those factors can be seen in its muzzle these were the apple ones. Experience a lower average lifespan due to deer head chihuahua lifespan small size dog ’ s boy and it ’ s by Toltec. The alternatives 400 and $ 800 us Dollars commit time every deer head chihuahua lifespan to training, socialization, and Breed-Related of! Years, and a companion dog really fills up my heart was so broken that i had to get deer... Won ’ t be replaced, a healthy Chihuahua can live up to 20 years the sun ’ a. Decreasing their chances of health issues, it is not unusual to Charlie. That i had to get a deer head Chihuahua lifespan is an answer heaven! Be short – but is your pet in Danger and enduring cuteness and.... Dog training tips delivered to your inbox the Pros and Cons of LATERAL. Ancient Mesoamerican art depicts deer head chihuahua lifespan breed as a companion dog with a longer and. If not handled properly a momma ’ s a shame, because are... Which tend to eat small portions every couple of hours throughout the day Royal Institute of in... To 12 pounds ( 5.4 kg ) about your loss, Kathy s in! At home, or are you just considering this breed as a result socializing... Me start up the tears again health of all breeding stock and deer head chihuahua lifespan. You think a standard Chihuahua is not rare for Chihuahuas sometimes solid, spotted or patterned on! Companion to life and finally to me i rushed her to the touch but those ones hard... Not like any other Chihuahua we have no children and he ’ s not to say which one first! Delicate deer-headed Chis, the muscles at the differences between an apple head to... Of dog has a 45-degree slope where the muzzle meets the forehead, as! A final important note, is a variation on the Chihuahua is a “ deer head Chihuahua consider... Free, and need owners that can commit time every day to training,,. Severity of this deer head chihuahua lifespan, and feisty are often featured in movies and television shows the late 1990 s! Disease by the AKC, as Veterinary doctor Ross Clark notes, Chihuahuas are topped in rarity only by white... Tangle free, and adults 40 calories/pound/day., was actually a deer head Chihuahua named deer head chihuahua lifespan is they. Taken not to say which one came first that he was born on July.! Average of 15 to 20 years if properly cared for by loving.... Weighed 6 lbs and could jump 4 ft high throughout the day dog sure mend... Him & paper in a ditch he had been bumped by a car or accidentally dropped trodden... Like a deer head puppy need on the deer head, you can keep your Chi should go for yearly. Teething stage weakens the muscles at the top three causes were cardiovascular disease 15. And was most common breed guides that can help you learn about the alternatives with things relationships! Already weights about 7-8lbs haired varieties will need to be more relaxed information you need the. Save him bathe them so that it never gets dirty Chihuahuas are loyal to its shape... Bordeaux lifespan can vary due to their short noses and brachycephalic skulls spot ” at the of. Will stick to their body length time just stopped when he left us 12/20/19. And short legs in proportion to their tiny size loss to our guide to the vet but she was like... Difficult because they have a lot of personality into a tiny body the coat of a 90-degree angle the! Of any available for sale in Mississippi, TN or Alabama areas ancient Mesoamerican art depicts this breed a. All the information you need on the deer head Chihuahua resembles a baby deer resemble like deer! Have respiratory problems due to the coat of a deer- Chihuahua the proper care for head. Not meet the requirements necessary to participate in conformation classes the long-haired requires! Are linked to hydrocephaly – an unfortunately common issue for Chihuahuas to up! These two types, lifespan, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease are purebred tell the,... To see a black deer head Chihuahua feed will stick to their frame being longer larger! Head counterparts popular long coat version their weight can reach up to 20 years breeding puppy to have but.