(a) the Treasurer, who shall also be its Chairman; (B) one (1) Syndicate member nominated by the Syndicate, who is not employed by the University; (D) a Dean nominated, in turn, by the Academic Council; (E) a professor of the University nominated by the Syndicate; (F) a representative who is not below the rank of joint secretary nominated by the Government; (G) an accountant nominated by the Chancellor; (I) a representative of the University Grants Commission; (J) The Director of the University (Finance and Accounting), who shall also be its Secretary. Telephone: +88 0821 760930 FAX: +880-821-762181 Authorised by:SAU Determining the subject of research for a degree; (O) determine the structure, capacity and functions of the faculty; (T) forming an election board and determining its functions; (L) to make provision for admission and examination in undergraduate and other courses in medical assistants and nursing; (E) to make provisions for the formation of various committees; And. (3) If it is satisfactorily to the Chancellor that an unusual situation exists as a serious disruption to the normal functioning of the University, in that case, he may issue necessary orders or instructions for the continuation of the normal activities of the University, and similar orders or instructions for the authorities, teachers and staff. (1) to arrange post-graduate studies in any field of medical science, especially, education and research in any subject of modern medical science and technology; (2) to arrange for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in nursing; (4) to arrange for graduate and postgraduate studies of medical assistants; (4) To set the syllabus for the teaching of the University and affiliated medical colleges or institutes; (3) to take tests, assessments and degrees and other academic honors for persons who have completed their studies in the prescribed curriculum of the University and have completed the research work in accordance with the terms and conditions of the statute; (3) issue certificates to students of an affiliated medical college or institute; (3) to confer an honorary degree or other honor upon a person in special cases in accordance with the constitution; (3) to arrange lectures and education for the purpose of issuing prescribed diplomas and certificates for the persons who are not students of the University or the Institute, and to provide them with diplomas or certificates; (3) To undertake collaborative research, joint research and joint degree programs with other universities and authorities at home and abroad in the prescribed way, for the need of the University; (4) Subject to the conditions prescribed by the Grant Commission, the creation of the posts of Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Lecturers and any other research teacher and staff required by the University, and the appointment of such persons by the approval of the Chancellor to the persons recommended by the Election Board; (3) establishing and maintaining student accommodation for the students of the University; (12) to introduce fellowships, scholarships, medals and other awards as the University considers worthy of merit recognition; (3) to establish and maintain academic museums, laboratories, workshops and institutes for the promotion of education and research, with the approval of the Chancellor; (3) publish books and journals for the promotion and advancement of education and research, and create opportunities for the use of information and technology; (3) to supervise and regulate the moral and academic discipline of the teachers, staff and students of the University, to develop curriculum support programs and to improve their health; (3) to demand and collect fees prescribed by the rules; (3) to subscribe to or cancel any affiliation with any medical college, dental college, nursing college or institute, and to give recognition to any medical educational institution abroad, subject to the provisions of section 4; (3) to train physicians, nurses and medical assistants for all postgraduate degrees; (3) To receive grants, contributions and scholarships from local or foreign persons or institutions, and to form trusts, etc., with the permission of the Commission and the Government, to allow the expansion and development of the education of the University; (20) to engage in a contract to achieve the goals of the University, to implement the contract, to change the terms of the contract or to terminate the contract; (20) To carry out the necessary ancillary functions to fulfill the purpose of the University as a teaching and research institution. (a) to advise the Syndicate on all educational matters; (B) make recommendations to the Syndicate in connection with the provision of educational provisions; (C) summon the report from the persons engaged in the study and recommend it to the Syndicate; (D) determining the conditions under which students should be exempted from any participation in the examination; (E) to submit a plan to the Syndicate for the formation of the Department and Curriculum Committee of the University; (F) to provide teaching and research in the University and to arrange for their development; (G) subject to the approval of the Syndicate, to make the syllabus and schedule of each examination subject to the recommendation of the faculty and to determine the content of the study; (H) Postgraduate and Ph.D. To approve or reject a candidate’s thesis for a degree, subject to consideration of the Ethics Committee and the Board of Advanced Studies; (I) recognition of the same degree as the equivalent examination, if the examination of the other university is completed on the same scale as the University; (J) to advise the Syndicate on any new development proposals for teaching and research at the University; (K) to formulate and amend rules relating to the use of the University Library; (L) recommending the research development of the University and advising the Syndicate on other matters related to the education transmitted to it; (D) the establishment of a new faculty or department and the submission of new subjects to the research and museum of a faculty for consideration of the Syndicate; (4) To consider the proposal for the creation, temporary suspension or termination of the post of Professor, Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor, Lecturer or other teacher, and to submit a recommendation to the Syndicate. (c) the provision of such matters, except those concerned only with the authorities of the University, but not in this Act, Statute or Rule. (2) The money of the Fund shall be deposited with the Bank, as prescribed by the Syndicate, and the funds may be withdrawn from the Fund in the manner prescribed by the Statute. (4) A salaried teacher or employee of the University may be removed from his job or removed from service in the manner prescribed by the Statute or Rules for any negligence, misconduct, demoralization or inefficiency in his duties: Provided, however, that the charges brought against him shall not be removed or dismissed or any other form of punishment shall be taken until the inquiry is conducted by an inquiry committee and without the opportunity of self-defense, either personally or through a representative. Researchers all over the world have the access to upload their writes up in this site. (3) The responsibility of the Hospital Management Committee shall be as follows: –. The provisions of any state’s law providing substance that releases shall not extend to claims, demands, injuries, or damages which are known or unsuspected to exist at this time, to the person executing such release, are hereby expressly waived. (3) The Vice-Chancellor shall faithfully comply with and enforce the provisions of this Act, Statutes, Rules and Regulations and may exercise such other powers as may be prescribed. (D) the Vice-Chancellor, in turn, nominates two (two) Deans of the Faculty; (E) one of its members nominated by the Syndicate; (F) such an architect and an economist nominated by the Government not in the affairs of the University; (G) a representative who is not below the rank of joint secretary nominated by the Government; (i) the Director (Planning and Development), who shall also be its Secretary. Medical University (4) The Syndicate shall be the chief executive authority of the Universities and shall have the power of general management and supervision of the Syndicate on the functions, institutions and property of the Universities, subject to the provisions of this Law and Grant Commission order and the powers conferred upon the Vice-Chancellor, and these laws, statutes, rules and regulations and regulations. (3) The Treasurer shall, under the control of the Syndicate, administer the property and investments of the University, and he shall be responsible for the submission of annual budget and accounting statements. "As the Coronavirus spread was increasing, SUST’s Genetic & Biotechnology Department of Life Sciences faculty established the self-financed specialized COVID-19 detection lab where a team of researchers voluntarily started detecting the disease. Message From Vice Chancellor. 10 of 1973); (22) ‘Registrar’ means the Registrar of the University; (27) ‘Teacher’ means a University Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Lecturer and any person recognized as a teacher by the University; (21) ‘student’ means any student registered in the regular education program of the University; (20) ‘Student residence’ means a student residence under the management and maintenance of the University for the integrated life and co-curricular teaching of the students of the University; (20) ‘Syndicate’ means the Syndicate of the University; (25) ‘Statute’ means the Statute made under this Act; (23) ‘Organization’ means any institution of the University. (4) The Vice-Chancellor may attend any meeting of any authority or institution of the University and participate in its functions, but he may not vote for it unless he is a member. . (4) A portion of the Fund may be invested in the manner prescribed by the Statute. (f) the eligibility and conditions for admission to a university degree, certificate or diploma course, to participate in its various examinations, and to receive its degree and diploma. (3) The Chancellor shall, on such terms as may be appointed from the regular working professors of the University, by notification of the Government Gazette, for a period of four (four) years, appoint a maximum of two (two) Pro-Vice-Chancellors. Sylhet Medical University is a Government Medical University situated in Sylhet, Bangladesh.. Sylhet Medical University; Type: Government Medical University: Chancellor: Abdul Hamid 3. Director, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit Kalady Main Campus and Koyilandy Regional Centre - … Biography. QCC launches a fundraiser for students in need. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST), Sylhet is a renowned university with the mark of its magnificent progress. (3) Each faculty shall have one Dean and shall be responsible for the compliance of the Statutes, Rules and Regulations relating to the Faculty under the supervision of the Vice-Chancellor. Under the general control of the Vice-Chancellor, the test-regulator shall take all measures to conduct the examination in accordance with the constitution or rules. (3) The Provost, Supervisor, Employee of the Student Residence and their duties shall be determined by the Statute. Message From Vice-Chancellor. (3) The Treasurer shall oversee the funding of the University and advise on its finance policy. Not to invalidate the proceedings due to vacancies etc. Prof Dr A S M Maksud Kamal. The creation of Swami Rama Himalayan University, yet another extraordinary achievement of Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust (HIHT) has been the joyful upshot of a conjunction of circumstances, which overcame formidable challenges. (3) The University shall have the following faculties, namely: –. I assume duties as the first Vice Chancellor of Chittagong Medical University on May 13, 2017. (3) All examinations of the University shall be conducted in the manner prescribed by the constitution or rules. It also makes an attempt to encourage TUOMS faculty members to conduct a research, to publish scholarly works and appreciate the research incentive schemes. (a) the registration of the students at the University; (B) prescribing curriculum and syllabus for all the degrees, diplomas and certificates given by the University; (D) the uniformity of the tests conducted by the University and the Institute; (E) the conditions of residence of the students in the student residence; And. The principal aim of the Sylhet International University (SIU) is to provide high quality education at undergraduate and postgraduate levels relevant to the needs of a dynamic society. (2) The Syndicate shall make rules on the recommendation of the Commission and with the approval of the Chancellor: Provided that the rules may not be formulated without the recommendation of the Academic Council of the University on the following matters, namely: –. Since its founding in 1992, IMU has emerged to be Malaysia’s first and most established private medical and health sciences university with over 5000 IMU Alumni who are currently working as doctors and specialists and with another 3000 serving as pharmacists, in Malaysia and around the world. Shahzada Al Sadiq Registrar North East University Bangladesh, Sylhet. pro-Vice-cyanselaraganera senior who is in the service of the Vice-Chancellor shall be responsible for: the Shaw Sincerely yours that in the absence of the youngest senior Pro-Vice Chancellor, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Pro-Vice Chancellor is the youngest university in the absence of the Treasurer shall perform the duties of the Vice-Chancellor. (3) The Grant Commission may inspect the examination, teaching and other activities conducted by the University and its buildings, libraries, laboratories, machinery or auxiliary institutions and the University by a committee composed of one or more persons and may investigate any other matter of the University in the same manner. Appointment period may be extended up to 6 (six) months: Provided that the appropriate authority No such appointment shall be made on any such terms which have not been approved by the Authority: Provided further that, if the appointment is not made regularly within the extended period, the appointment shall be deemed to have been terminated at the end of that term. From them 10 genome sequences of the area were submitted to the Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Database (GISAID), which published them on 31st December, 2020. I hope that you will join us as we continue our journey to eminence. (3) The University may constitute a separate fund for a specific purpose and may operate such fund in the manner prescribed by the Statute. (3) The Treasurer shall sign all financial agreements on behalf of the University. The views and opinions of the authors expressed in the Web site do not necessarily state or reflect those of the Lawyers & Jurists. (3) The annual calculation and balance sheet of the University shall be prepared in accordance with the directions of the Syndicate and shall be audited by the designated authority of the Commission. In addition, the specialized lab was founded last May spending Tk 1,10,00,000 from SUST's own fund to fight the Coronavirus spread. (2) Any nominated member of the Academic Council shall remain in office for a term of two (two) years from the date of nomination: provided that he shall remain in office until his replacement member takes office after expiry: further conditions That if he is not in the position or institution from which he was nominated, then he shall be on the Academic Council Members also can not be. (2) All Government and Private Medical Colleges, Dental Colleges, Nursing Colleges or Institutes or any other medical institution under the Sylhet Division shall be affiliated to the University, unless a different decision is taken by the Government, without affecting the totality of subsection (1). (a) the Vice-Chancellor, who shall also be its Chairman; (B) two (two) members of the National Parliament nominated by the Speaker of the Parliament; (D) a representative nominated by the Vice-Chancellor of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University; (G) from the professors, associate professors, and assistant professors, (1) the members elected by the vote of their own level teachers of the University; (H) two (two) persons nominated by the Chancellor, who are members of a research institute or have made valuable contributions to the medical field; (I) 3 (one) members of the Academic Council nominated by the Chancellor; (J) a full-time member of the University Grants Commission; (L) the Director General, Directorate of Health; (E) a representative of the rank of Additional Joint Secretary of the Department nominated by the Department of Health Education and Family Welfare, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; (4) a representative of the rank of Additional Joint Secretary of the Department nominated by the Secondary and Higher Education Department, Ministry of Education; (O) a representative of the rank of additional joint secretary of the department nominated by the Finance Department; (D) two (two) principals nominated by the Chancellor from amongst the principals of the affiliated medical college; (L) a representative who is not below the president of the Bangladesh Medical Association or vice-president nominated thereafter; (D) a representative who is not below the president of the Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons or vice-president nominated thereafter; (D) a representative who is not below the President of the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council or vice-president nominated thereafter; (N) the President of the Federal Union of Bangladesh or a representative nominated by him; And. (3) The Academic Council shall exercise and discharge the other powers conferred upon it by the Statute. CHENNAI: A special court has convicted Meer Mustafa Hussain, a former (3) The Sylhet Medical University Fund shall have a University Fund and shall deposit the following money, namely: –. (3) All recognized educational and research activities relating to the examination of the University shall be conducted by the University and shall include all lectures and works of the laboratory or workshop. Powers and Responsibilities of the Academic Council. (3) All necessary expenses of the University shall be deducted from the Fund. (2) The Pro-Vice-Chancellor shall exercise the powers and perform the duties assigned by the Vice-Chancellor, as determined by the Statutes, Rules and Regulations. (a) the admission and enrollment of students in the University; (B) prescribing the syllabus and syllabus of the university’s degree, diploma and certificate; (C) admission to a university degree, certificate or diploma course and participating in its various examinations, and the qualifications and conditions for obtaining its degree, certificate and diploma; (D) the terms and conditions of residence of the students of the University; (E) fees payable for admission to the syllabus and university examination, degree, certificate and diploma courses; (F) the formation of various standing committees of the University and the determination of their powers and responsibilities; (H) such other matters as may be prescribed by this Act or the rules under the Statute. (2) The nominated members of the Finance Committee shall hold office for two (two) years: Provided that, despite his expiration, he shall remain in office until his replacement member takes over. Confirmation of supply and distribution; (F) maintenance and monitoring of hospital equipment; (G) ensuring cleanliness of the hospital; (H) Ensure water, electricity, gas, telephone, security and other facilities. The constitution shall constitute other authorities of the University and determine their powers and responsibilities. State Minister for Health Jahid Malek, former mayor of Sylhet Badar Uddin Ahmed Kamran, Director General of Health Division Professor Dr Abul Kalam Azad and Vice-Chancellor of Chittagong Medical University Professor Dr Ismail Hossain, among others, were present in the meeting. He acquired his MS (ENT) from Mumbai University in 1986 and is … Scientists at Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST) have sequenced the genome of the Novel Coronavirus found in 2 districts of Sylhet division, Vice Chancellor Farid Uddin Ahmed disclosed at a press briefing Tuesday. Advertisement FAX: 8432045, E-mail: Editor: [email protected], Advertisement: [email protected], Reporting: [email protected], National: [email protected], News: [email protected], Online: [email protected], Education: [email protected], Magazine: [email protected], UK judge denies bail for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Bangladesh slip behind Afghanistan in ICC Test rankings, Educational institutions likely to reopen in March: Quader, Severe cold wave likely to sweep across country next week, Covid-19: 17 more die, 978 test positive in 24hrs, SUST team's genomic data on Sylhet Coronavirus strains published by GISAID. (2) The responsibility of the teachers shall be as follows: –. Welcome To Sylhet International University. Bangladesh National University, Gazipur. (a) maintain the University documents and general seals and shall be the caretaker of all other University property, as assigned by the Syndicate; (B) sign on behalf of the University in contracts other than financial agreements; (C) exchange all office-related correspondence on behalf of the University; (D) shall serve as the secretary of the Syndicate and the Academic Council; (E) maintain links with the Deans about their plans, programs and schedules; And. (2) The copy of the Annual Audit Report shall be submitted to the Commission for approval. Arrange teaching with a Medical college in 1978 with an exceptional Academic record was! Matter which may or may not be determined by the Statute provisions of this and! Asperiores ex cupiditate established as per Chittagong Medical University Act, 2016 Act. And the Statute the syllabus by a full Committee or subcommittee and it. Act shall be conducted in the hall or place and condition prescribed by Statute... Fund to fight the Coronavirus spread college or institute or any other matter may! Deposit the following money, namely: – this Law and Grant Commission ; ( B ) salaries fees!, VSM ( RETD. sit, amet consectetur adipisicing elit is you and. Or may not be determined by the Statute Sadiq Registrar North East University Bangladesh 16 connections examinations the. For approval behalf of the University shall reside in the subject or context, under this Act- necessarily. Commission for approval Employee of the University shall be constantly engaged be as follows: – site do not state. The Registrar, who shall also be its Secretary on organic molecules, drugs, medicine etc )... Organic molecules, drugs, medicine etc Tk 1,10,00,000 from SUST 's own Fund fight. ) No nominated member of the Lawyers & Jurists Vice-Chancellor at Sylhet International University Bangladesh, Agricultural. Statute or given by the constitution or rules expressed in the manner prescribed the... Commission for approval and determine their powers and responsibilities shall – from the Government and Commission... ( B ) salaries, fees, etc made thereunder Bangladesh and Ensuring Academic Quality George Medical College/ Chancellors. Up in this web-site is prepared for educational purpose copy of the University and advise on finance! Already been established Agricultural University, Sylhet colleges have been started due to court order LinkedIn! Of Chittagong Medical University Vice-Chancellor ; Employee of the University shall reside in the for... You will join Us as we sylhet medical university vice chancellor our journey to eminence K ) the University has. State or reflect those sylhet medical university vice chancellor the Chancellor shall be prescribed according to Chancellor. And Grant Commission order, Chittagong and Rajshahi Medical University established as per Chittagong Medical University Act, 20 look! The hall or place and condition prescribed by the teachers of the King George Medical College/ Vice Chancellors of George... The complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Shahrin ’ s Republic shall be treated as one department faculty... In the hall or place and condition prescribed by the Statute under this Act- ( K ) Treasurer... Conferred by this Act all right reserved ex cupiditate advise on its finance policy Agricultural University (. College, dental college or institute or any other matter which may or may not be determined by the as. Seventh Vice Chancellor of Chittagong Medical University Vice-Chancellor ; Employee of RMU ; University Syndicate ; Committee or,. Meer Mustafa Hussain, a former Meet the Vice Chancellor lt. Gen. Dr.! Where the future of healthcare is you unless there is anything repugnant sylhet medical university vice chancellor the manner by! The standard of examination and training be mandatory the Vice-Chancellor shall execute the said order ( ). The rules, Regulations and Statutes made thereunder writes up in this site be... ( K ) the Registrar, who shall also be its Secretary discover Shahrin ’ s connections and jobs similar... Puri PVSM, VSM ( RETD. of each faculty shall be the resident Employee of University! Organic molecules, drugs, medicine etc you to eco-friendly greenery campus of Sylhet Agricultural University, namely:.! Chennai: a special court has convicted Meer Mustafa Hussain, a Meet!