If you have a brand new PC build where everything is turning on except the GPU (and its fans), check these other common reasons why your graphics card’s fans might not be spinning: 1. If this doesn’t work you MAY have a bent pin on the CPU or the like. When I hit the power button the case fan blows SOOOO LOUD and the computer won't boot. Fans would spin, but nothing else. If your computer has been used for a long time, then the dust may cause the … My computer will not boot. no … Plug the display cable back into the GPU and try turning it on again, if that doesn't display anything then we are starting to get into the realm of broken GPU, Best and only test is a swap out, Take your GPU and put it into a known working PC. Here is a list of what i tried : HP M8300F I disconnected everything, cleaned … Installed PSU but have same issue, MOBO light on, fans all spin but no … I dissasembled my pc and made sure that I've drained all the power ... eventually it started and I've reinstalled the operating system ... the problem was gone for about a year .... it was great ... no hardware changes ... nada ..... of course if you insist you can start the machine after 20 tries or so .... but after you shut it down ... it won't start ... try 20 times once 8 hours ... with 5 seconds delay between shutdown and start ... if you managed to start it .... give it a restart instead of a shut down ... in case of a problem ......I think the problem is with the power suply .... it were those damn capacitators on the motherboard in my case .... guess it had to do something with standby in general, its definitely a bad Capacitor problem, blue screen problems are due to many reasons. Thanks for your reply. This is different. (fan at max speed and no video) Well i changed the power supply but with no results. It worked well for a long time with XP and worked well for a while with Vista. When I switched, only the CPU fan started spinning in a very high speed and kept spinning. Cloudflare Ray ID: 60d647fbaf043835 Also, there was nothing significant to my knowledge that would have caused this (i.e. But when I plug it up to a monitor, it's not showing anything. Understanding Bash: A guide for Linux administrators, Checklist: Managing and troubleshooting iOS devices. Also, check if the PSU is working fine, and if your card has 6-pin/ 8-pin connectors then make sure that they are connected properly and are working. What hardware are you running and what size PSU are you using? When you press the power button to turn on the computer but there is no display on the monitor, please follow the below steps to troubleshoot : 1. Clean the GPU Fans. but at the moment i think its a power supply problem. Check the monitor. A beep code will give you … Then I want to have both of them on that PC, so reinstalled XP and Vista. CPU fan spinning slow, no display, no power on mouse and keyboar [Closed] Report. still the same. The motherboard needs several different voltages at sufficient amperage in order to work. Have you tried checking your power supply? Took off back, cleaned fans, redid thermal paste on CPU/heat sink. Note: When I changed the Clear RTC jumper from Normal to Clear RTC, fans did not spin but Power LED came on. Sometimes the motherboard can be the most economical fix but obviously is a waste of money if you don't need one. It most likely is the logic board signal ppvcore_s0_cpu, so check that out as well if you have a multimeter (you will need to get a board view and schematic for 820-3115). I tried booting up with my built in graphics (Ryzen 5 2400g), but that didn’t work either. 16 GB. After I got home, I booted up my PC and everything was working until 4-5 hours later my monitor screen went black and said no signal. All submitted content is subject to our Terms Of Use. Hi everyone, Computer powers on, fans run, no video or post or beeps. lights up, but will not boot. Motherboard LED lights but no fans or boot - posted in System Building and Upgrading: Hi, I am building a new PC but am currently tearing my hair out trying to work out what the problem is. That will tell you if the psu is dead or not (its fan (s) should spin up). Suddenly I’ve gotten two BSOD errors. 5. I had my PSU tested, and sure enough it was bad even though it was only 3 months old. Also the GPU fan is not spinning. ? So it could be the power supply. Checked PSU with PSU tester and it appeared faulty. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. This morning I could not boot my computer! Everything worked fine until system required new heatsink/fan, and motherboard had to be removed from case. • Failing that and given all you have tried it would look like mother board fault.The fact that it DID work and now it doesn't would lead me to look at hardware.300Watts should be enough for the h/w that you have. No sign of overheating, capacitors all look good, am assuming it is motherboard or hard drive? But the monitor does not display while it's plugged into the GPU. Have tried all fixes listed. Check the memory. The computer fans will suddenly speed up (the power light stays solid though), then the monitor will say "Monitor going to sleep" and go black, and the keyboard/mouse will no longer respond and their lights turn off as they would do if the computer were shut down. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. I boot with the GPU installed onto the motherboard, and the fans spinning… If your GPU fan is not spinning and you are also not getting any display or getting a black screen, then re-seat your graphics card by removing it and plugging it again in the PCIe x16 slot properly. The hard drive seems OK. 6. the fans not spinning, i have tryed different ram from another computer. Try booting it with the battery disconnected. Screen does not power up but fan and hard drive spinning. I've recently bought a new graphics card a week ago and have only used it a couple of day because of school. Check the CPU. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. PCIe Power Isn’t Plugged In. Fans spin (heatsink, chassis) and power LED comes on, but no video. The GPU fans spin for like 10 seconds then stop spinning. Hope it is not the problem of motherboard. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. When I switched, only the CPU fan started spinning in a very high speed and kept spinning. The fans spinning up don't mean the computer is working. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Then plug power cable in and switch on. However, yesterday when I turned it on, after 2 seconds the only thing that happened was the fan turned on full blast after about 2s. Power cord is fine, f10 will not start BIOS. After a day or two trying to fix it, I have came to no conclusion why its not working. Unplug the mobo connector and short the green to any black. Please remember to be considerate of other members. Also please exercise your best judgment when posting in the forums--revealing personal information such as your e-mail address, telephone number, and address is not recommended. This morning I could not boot my computer! The reason I asked about heat from the h/d is that, apart from the fans, it's the only moving part in the box and wear and tare on bearings can take its toll. Microphone Only Picking Up Output Sounds (Desktop Audio). Then yesterday, I tried turning the pc on and it’ll start up but no display comes on. Thanks. Please note: Do not post advertisements, offensive material, profanity, or personal attacks. Just stays on with the fan blowing so loud I think the thing is about to explode. The cause of this may or may not be your power supply; in the majority of cases, if the mainboard (mobo) is getting power and fans are running, the power supply is good. Check the power supply. No beeps, no display on the monitor. © 2021 ZDNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Idea was to reset BIOS. This will reset the BIOS setting to the “new” computer defaults. I had the same thing happen to me last week. There was no display on the monitor and no beeps from the board. I didn't hear anything abnormal from it. Verify that the power supply voltage switch is set correctly. you can check which irq error it shows in blue screen and put the status in reply, chances are due to bad capacitor change them with 10 v 33000 micro F, instead of replacing with 6.3 V. If you're asking for technical help, please be sure to include all your system info, including operating system, model number, and any other specifics related to the problem. Give it a shot. Any idea? Press Esc or F10 and select “save and Exit” press Enter and allow your system to restart then check … It only means the fans are getting 12 volts. It has P4 2.8G CPU, 2 * 512M Ram, 80 G harddrive, on board video card and sound card, wireless card, 300W PSU. This conversation is currently closed to new comments. Should I be worried that my GPU is already fried or something is not plugged in right? If it is not chiming, it means it is not passing POST checks. If the input voltage for the power supply … Other Problems That Could Be Preventing Your GPU’s Fans from Spinning On A New Build. You have done all the obvious things by swapping memory and trying different bits. I had the same problem as you guys describe. I've made a few posts here so sorry if you're sick of me, apparently i'm destined for pc problems. My pc has been working fine for the last two years. When I start my pc, the Display turns on and the fans are lighting, but the fans are not Spinning and where my CPU temps go to 100°C the Radiator stays cool, which indicates to me, that the pump is not pumping as well. It worked for a couple of days, then gave me this crab. ... Hi to all, i am a Filipino so please bare with my English and grammars. 4. Troubleshoot the cause of the beep code if you're lucky enough to get one. Help my laptop's screen isnt showing any display but lights are on and fan is spinning: Laptop not loading, fan spins, hard drive spins,stops and repeats without sending signal to the screen: Laptop black screen fan spin at full speed non-stop: Laptop turns on. [Motherboard] Troubleshooting - No Power/No Boot/No Display. Check the graphic card. I got some case fans yesterday and installed them today, during the install i decided to clean my computer using compressed air can, used it before and no problems. If you know where they are, short-out the two pins with the jumper OTHERWISE just leave the computer unplugged for at least 10 minutes or longer. Your IP: SMART enabled drives will show this up but for drives with out SMART it's a complete guess, a rattle or loud whine from the drive is the only give away. PC was working fine all these years, suddenly went to turn it on and loud fan noise, blank screen, pc won't boot. Have you noticed any excessive noise from the HD? Booted PC, fans came on, MOBO light on, but no POST beep and no signal. Hello! GPU: MSI Radeon R9 380 4G CPU: intel i5-2320 PSU: Thermaltake TR2 W0070 430W ATX12V v2.3 Power Supply Both fans are spinning on my GPU fairly loudly. If you're new to the TechRepublic Forums, please read our TechRepublic Forums FAQ. 3. No beeps, no display on the monitor. No beeps, no picture, nothing. This is a problem I've been having on pretty much a daily basis. • 2. If you could try another one it would help with the elimination process. i'll try reseating the graphics card. PSU testers are pretty cheap and they come in handy. I tested the graphics card with other computer but same thing happened.. when opened the case I found that after starting the pc, gfx card's fan is spinning and I heard 2 beeps, but there is no display.. the card requires no extra power from PSU, it consumes power through PCIE x16 slot.. it has an ati graphics card thats is plugged into the motherboard. So I built my first PC yesterday and everything is in. Take a known working GPU and put it into your PC. This has happened ocassionally throughout the years but after powering it on and off a few times it would finally start. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Now i'm gonna change the board and it's probably gonna fix the problem. Replaced PSU and tested it with PSU tester and all appeared fine.